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The 43rd annual meeting of the DGP

Venue & Travel

Adolf-Schmidt-Bildungszentrum Haltern am See

Hullerner Straße 100
45721 Haltern am See
Telefon: +4923649660
Telefax: +49364966540
E-Mail: bz.haltern@igbce.de
Web: haltern.igbce.de

Reaching the Venue

Closest train station is the “Haltern Am See”, which serves trains arriving and departing to

Essen (S9, RE42, RE2),

Dusseldorf (RE2),

Mönchengladbach (RE42),

Münster (Re2, RE42),

Wuppertal (S9)

From “Haltern Am See, Bf” to the venue can be reached using bus line 272 or 272e (towards Hullern Memorial) and alight at the stop “Haltern Am See Seehof” (it takes 10 mins on bus between Bahnhof and Seehof), from there you can walk right across to “Adolf-Schmidt-Bildungszentrum” which is available on google maps as “IG BCE Bildungszentrum ”

Schedules and planning for trains: https://www.bahn.de/

Schedules and planning for local transport like busses: https://www.vrr.de/de/ (use “Haltern am See, BF as start and “Haltern Am See Seehof” as destination)

By car


The parking spaces at the venue can be reached via the access road from the Hotel Seehof. If you can’t find a parking space on this car park, you may use the car park of the Hotel Seehof. Please note that the few parking spaces in front of the building are needed for internal operations and are only available for employees and short-term parkers/registered guests (max. 4 hours).
The venue location: https://goo.gl/maps/LFrKiHjc3QKQcDvZ7
Additional parking location: https://goo.gl/maps/6E2pDV7h21nYBP4c7